5 Benefits Register The Trademark Indonesia -
5 Benefits Register The Trademark Indonesia

5 Benefits Register The Trademark Indonesia

Lately, there have been quite a lot of problems in competition for the copyright of brands or brands of well-known businesses or businesses. Seeing from that problem, because of that you can recognize the importance of perpetuating business brands in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The virtue of a brand is for the business owner as well as the virtue of the business as a whole. Here are some of the benefits that you can experience when registering trademark indonesia at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Read the full explanation.

The Primacy of Trademark Patents

1. Increase the Company’s Asset Value

Trademarks or brands that have been registered or legally patented at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property, will increase the branding value and become more valuable. Because the brand is one of the company’s most valuable and greatest assets. One brand can even determine the success of a company. And often, many successful companies bounce back after experiencing a criticality because of their high brand charisma.

2. Maintain Company Image and Customer Confidence

Brands that are not bright will certainly raise confidence problems in their potential customers. What’s more, if your product brand is followed and used by irresponsible people. This of course will make it difficult for you to gain customer confidence in the quality of the products being sold. Therefore, you need to register Indonesian trademarks even before the legal business is released and introduced to the public.

3. Legal Protection Collateral

The most important advantage that you can experience is the owner of a trademark that has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, namely that your brand has legal protection. As well as this protection the character is correct and can be accounted for. This is the same as what has been regulated in the Law concerning copyright in 2002. This protection is a special weapon to protect the authenticity of the business you are doing. Indonesia trademark is very important.

4. Regardless of the Risk of Plagiarism

Just as previously mentioned, the 2002 copyright law that has been enacted by the President can protect the authenticity of your brand. In this, the guarantee government will make your protection. As with other factions, the business of marketing products with brands can be a headache for customers. Until you are also the owner of an official trademark list, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

You can sue and bring to court all plagiarism, plagiarism and other irresponsible treatment. You can also sue the person using your brand without asking permission first. Besides that, branding your business will be even easier. Because there is nothing like him and it does not make customers confused about knowing him. If you want to do a trademark Indonesia, please contact us.